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GYROMAX™ Gyroscopes

GYROMAX™ Gyroscopes

Because of high precision GPS technique, the need of north seeking gyroscopes is reduced. Small quantities have raised the prices of conventional gyro-theodolites. Many companies shut down.

The GYROMAX™ system includes high performance and low price using proofed parts of existing models. It is based on a German built gyro rotor which is hung up and attached by a small metal band.


Fields of Application

  - education at universities and engineering schools

 - direction controlling in tunnelling

 - mining

 - fast orientation to true north

Fixing of true north by following the swinging of GYROMAX™ by collimation device in 15 minutes. There are three different possibilities to follow and calculate true north.

The included remote control unit is used for damping and turning points. Data output to computer or PDA via cable or Bluetooth® (IEEE 802.15.1).


Technical Specifications


Typical accuracy:

< 6 mgon (< 20″)

Measurement duration:

approx. 15 min

Power supply:

24 V

Dimensions (transport case):

540 × 340 × 230 mm


3.6 kg (gyroscope), 5.5 kg (battery)


§  built-in telescope

§  damping device included

§  adaptation to theodolites and total stations

§  remote control unit

§  easy to use


GYROMAX™ gyroscopes can be combined with different theodolites and total stations. Adapters for the following instruments are already available:


§ T16, T2

§ T2002, T3000

§ TC 1100

§ TPS 300/400/700/800

§ TPS 1200

§ TS09


§ ZTS 600


§ GTS 700


§ 3603


§ S10, ELTA





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