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The professional VTOL drone for mapping & surveying

WingtraOne is a vertical take-off and landing drone- a VTOL.

The VTOL WingtraOne drone takes off and lands vertically as a helicopter, but flies in the air as efficiently as a fixed wing aircraft. 

That allows the drone to take off and land safely in complicated conditions where other fixed wing drones simply cannot perform. For example, WingtraOne can take off between buildings or in forest aisles, and land gently on uneven or rocky terrain.

WingtraOne is a fully autonomous drone and doesn't require hand launches or catapults. Vertical take-off and landing guarantees the safety of the operator, environment and the drone itself.

WingtraOne drone offers broad coverage, brilliant resolution and high accuracy in one mapping device.

With such unprecedented functionality, WingtraOne can map a quarry the size of 240 American football fields in an hour ‘s flight. The resolution of the final map allows to zoom in and see tiny details such as a coin lying on the ground. And what is best – it is possible to know the exact coordinates of the coin down to an absolute accuracy of 1 cm (0.4 in).

VTOL advantages:

+ Fully autonomous vertical take-off

+ Safe for the operator

+ Obstacle avoidance during take-off and


+ Take-off and landing in confined areas

+ Increased equipment lifetime and


+ Hover mode for special situations

+ Safeguarding of the cameras

+ Smooth landing on a rough terrain

+ Ability to adapt to moving environment