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Leica Rugby 420 DG, 410 DG & 320 SG Grade Lasers

Professional fully-automatic grade lasers

When accuracy is the goal
The Leica Rugby 420 DG, 410 DG & 320 SG are designed for grading jobs of any size that require the most precise grade control. Ensuring the highest accuracy over long distances, Leica Rugby 420 DG, 410 DG & 320 SG are perfectly suited for agriculture, machine control and general construction applications. Save on materials and labour with the most accurate grade lasers in the Leica portfolio. When accuracy is the goal, Leica Rugby makes the grade

The toughest players on big fields
Work reliably and accurately under any weather and jobsite conditions with Leica Rugby 420 DG, 410 DG & 320 SG grade lasers. The high-impact composite housing including the rubber over mould, case aluminium base and enclosed head deliver maximum internal component protection and as a result, assure reliable performance throughout the day.

User-friendly features for precise grade control
The Leica Rugby 420 DG, 410 DG & 320 SG grade lasers offer a wide range of valuable and easy to use features for precise grade control, such as Axis Alignment for higher grade accuracy, Beam Masking for multiple laser usage and Elevation Alert to prevent elevation errors. All these and more can be conveniently accessed and controlled by a 5-button keypad. Save time and reduce communication errors from the field to the cab of the machine by using a long-range two way remote control together with Rugby 410 DG and 420 DG grade lasers. In the development of the Leica Rugby 420 DG, 410 DG & 320 SG care was taken to ensure absolute compatibility with the widest range of machine control solutions. Invisible IR laser beam of the Rugby 410 DG is the perfect solution for applications where no red light is allowed, like railway maintenance.